Ok, we built our little site with a couple of English degrees, copious caffeine and some help from Wix.  We are not digital illustrators or website builders.  But there is one thing we know:  CONTENT


And we know yours is (probably) boringSorry.

For your words and websites to generate interest and have lasting impact, they need to be sharper, punchier and more relevant.  Your products need to sound fresh and fun, your services unique and exciting.  Today's consumer wants to feel a connection to what you are offering and to the Oz/Ozes (Ozi?) behind the brand.  Your future customer wants to feel recognition, reflection and positivity


So let's spruce you up a bit, shall we?

Curly Chicken will elevate your online and print content, and can help you hone in on who (and how) you want to reach.  Whether you need a quick content tune-up, an attention-grabbing email campaign or help developing your communication style and branding strategies, we're the Chickens for you.

With our diverse backgrounds in technical and artistic writing, comedy, legal, nonprofits, startups, TV/film production, advertising, community engagement, event planning and food/beverage consumption, the CC team uses those English degrees to your benefit.  Plus, at least one of us is an absolute grammar nerd and can edit you to (comma) death.

Find out MORE about how we can elevate your business, customer engagement and online presence.