Do we need to have any experience?


No!  You do not need any experience.  Promise.  Cross our chicken heart.  Even those with experience would agree that improv is new and different and fun for every player, every time.  We will teach you the (very simple) rules and ask only that you come ready to play.

What should we wear or bring?

No ball gowns, no costumes, no bathing suits.  Otherwise, I think we're good.


What will it be like?


We play simple games that might involve household props, pretending you're a penguin/alien/rockstar speaking in alphabetized patterns or creating new middle names.  Sometimes we'll play all together as one unit, sometimes we'll break into smaller groups or pairs/family units.  Improv is collaborative, supportive and fun.  And you don't need experience or have to "be funny."  You're funny just the way you are!

Are there any rules?


We do have rules for Family Improv.  Basically:

     Don't come with a thousand kids and don't come with none-

     Don't leave them there and don't let them be (age) 1-

     Don't sit on the sidelines - come and have fun!

We also have implemented rules for our new Online Adult Improv.  Basically:

     Don't be a kiddo listening in-

    Don't be a creepo just hovering-

    And wear some clothes for the win!

For corporate, IFE and private events, there is ONLY ONE RULE:  You must participate!  No armchair quarterbacks, sideline supporters or other sports analogies.  Come with an open mind and give it a try!   

Who should come to a class?  Who should not?


Families classes are designed to introduce improv to, well, families.  That means adults plus kiddos.  Kids must be 9 or older (or 12+ for the tween/teen only classes.)  Adults should be 195 or younger?  We will teach you games to play together, so it's a great opportunity to bond as a family!  


For adult classes, please qualify under some definition as "adult."  And also be over 21.  CC likes a sip among friends.

What if I am nervous about trying improv?


Some people feel a little nervous and that's normal!  But we foster a welcoming environment and promise the games are designed for success!  Improv is all about, "Yes, and..." which means everything positive is correct and the goal is to keep adding on.  It's collaborative and silly and a lot of fun.

Is there a charge for Online Adult or Family Classes?

The classes are free...with a chicken caveat.  In order to cover our expenses and to keep the classes going (and to feed our nuggets!), we do request donations.  If you have fun, share some laughs & appreciate the class...throw a little feed our way.

Can we please pay you?  How?


Aw, shucks.  That would be clucking lovely.  To donate to Curly Chicken without risking 6ft, you can Venmo (@curlychicken).  Suggested donation is $10/person for Online Adult Classes, $20 if it's date night and you make everyone else jealous.  More if your last name is "Rockefeller."

Who is the Curly Chicken and what is her hair maintenance routine?


You can learn more about CC here.  As for her curly curly mane, we're guessing healthy diet, lots of pasture and niblets and whatever chickens eat, and maybe a coconut oil mask at night.

Why should we come to a class?


Because it's fun, it's different and new experiences are good for you.  Plus, it's a chance to bond with your kiddos and/or fellow adult humans.  I mean, why shouldn't you?