The most important rule of Curly Chicken is you must come to play!  No one puts Chicken in a corner. 


*Suggested ages are 9+ but for online classes, it's your party.  You do you!   Some games will have (simpler) alternative instructions, but some may be tricky for the younger weirdos to follow.

*At least one parent/guardian per kid - don't plop your kid on the computer box and run away.  The games are to play at home together, none are appropriate for kiddos on their own. 

*At least one kid per parent/guardian.  Though for online classes, this can be a reallllly rough definition of guardian.  If your roommate is 6 weeks older than you, it can count!  Just keep in mind that this class is meant for adults+kids, so everything has to stay G-rated.

*2-1 max ratio!  That means no more than 2 kids per adult, and no more than 2 adults per kid.   Again, online rules are very flexible but the games will be much harder if you've got one big and a 4-pack of littles.  Good luck with that.

*New for ONLINE FAMILY IMPROV:  One device for one family, since it's impossible to track all your phones, iUnits,  Chromebooks, e-readers and DingDongs.